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Product Hierarchy Level Number is not increasing

Jan 05 at 02:53 AM


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Dear All

I am facing an issue in product hierarchy configuration in tcode V/76. Please advise.

Attached screenshots have more details.

We want 5 level hierarchy structure

  • 1.Level 1-3 char
  • 2.Level 2 – 3 char
  • 3.Level 3 – 4 char
  • 4.Level 4 – 4 char
  • 5.Level 5 – 4 char

If you see attached - System shows same “Level no.” for Product Hierarchy C&PPFPSELCLOBO & C&PPFPSELCLOBOAMBR.

Expected behavior - C&PPFPSELCLOBO should have Level no. 4 while C&PPFPSELCLOBOAMBR should have Level no. 5

In configuration screen V/76, Why is system not determining Level no. 5 for C&PPFPSELCLOBOAMBR ?




1.png (66.6 kB)
2.png (73.5 kB)
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why don't you accept Veselinas answer then if it was correct?

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3 Answers

Veselina Peykova
Jan 05 at 07:25 AM

Compare what you did with the blog Custom Level in Product Hierarchy and sap note 1070939 - Consulting: Changing the product hierarchy structure PRODHS .

I did not try to replicate your case in a sandbox, but I think that as a minimum you need to review again section 2, point 3 of the note (data element naming) of the note that I mentioned.

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Thanks Veselina. I could not figure out what I need to fix. Issue remained unresolved.


When you respond to members' query, please do so under Comment and not under Answer, as you were not answering but only providing additional informations as required by the member. Your above post has been converted from Answer to Comment, by me.


Go through the the note, the blog and the IMG help for product hierarchy (there is an example in it) and try to do exactly what is described there.

I am not a developer, but according to the documentation you have to use prodh1-prodh9 in prodhs and there was no mention about appends, your first screenshot looks different. Perhaps this might be causing problems.

KAPIL MEHTA Jan 08 at 05:17 AM

Thanks Veselina. We removed 'append' in structure and it worked.

Issue got resolved. thanks for feedback.

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G Lakshmipathi
Jan 05 at 01:57 PM

I am sure, OSS note 84140 should have been downloaded in your system since it is older version where the same issue is discussed. Check your system whether the code corrections as recommended in this note are taken care in your system.

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