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UML Profile Diagram in PowerDesigner

Jan 04 at 04:20 PM


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I would like to know if it is possible to create UML Profile Diagram using SAP PowerDesigner Enterprise Architect Edition.

Ideally, i would like to have the support of UML 2.x, must be able to export UML models to XMI 2.1, must be able to import UML profiles, and must support stereotypes and tagged values. Thanks in advance

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1 Answer

Ondrej Divis Jan 05 at 10:54 AM


unfortunately, profile diagram is not standard part of PD. But if you need it just as a graphical representation of your specific metamodel it is quite easy to customize your PD environment through extension. I can help you with that, if necessary. This will create new type of diagram with specific modelling elements.

On the other hand, if you really need to DEFINE your specific UML metamodel and to be able to use it in your other UML diagrams (Class diagram, Activity diagram, etc.) you already have this possibility by customizing your current diagrams in PD extension, which will actually ALLOW you to use your customization in Class diagram for example, including stereotypes, tagged values (=extended attributes in PowerDesigner) and constraints (Notes or Business rules in PowerDesigner).

In any case, import and export from/to xmi might be a bit problematic. PD can export/import only standard UML diagrams, which are already available in PD.

In case you need help with PD customizations, let me know.

Ondrej Divis

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According to PD help, PD can import and export XMI v2 files - XMI v2 only supports the transfer of objects, not diagrams or symbols.

I don't see any reason why the profile, metaclass etc. objects couldn't be imported into an Object-oriented model - they're all stereotypes of supported objects. As Ondrej says, you could define these stereotypes using a custom extension - there are several people who could help with that, including myself and Ondrej


XMI import is of course supported, but I doubt that profile diagram (or profile diagram objects) would be imported if there is no Profile diagram in PD. If PD would import it into class diagram (with stereotype for example), I`d be kindly surprise. George, do you have any experience with importing elements from not-supported diagram (using XMI)?