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Apr 22, 2008 at 07:53 AM

Cannot read dynamical attribute from node in Interface Controller


Hey guys:

My dynpro application has two components, and i use main component(A) to read data from the other one(B). Component B reads data and dynamically create node and it's attribute in interface controller. After that, Component A dynamically generates a mapped node and mapping to Component B's interface controller. Also it gets attributes too.

After all of this, I should be able to have the node and data from Component B.

The problem is: I do have the dynamical node builded that mapping to Component B, and the method node.size() shows me the exact answer that I have the right number of elements.

However, I cannot read value from attribute.


Shows exception: there is no such attribute.

I pretty sure the attribute name is correct, and I also print them on screen in Component B to confirm.

Please help me out of this trouble. thanks!

My code to dynamically build and map the node.

localNodeInfo = wdThis.wdGetAPI().getContext().getRootNodeInfo().addMappedChild("UploadData",null, true, false,false,null, false, true);

remoteNodeInfo = wdThis.wdGetUploadComponentInterface().wdGetAPI().getContext().getRootNode().getChildNode("UploadData",IWDNode.LEAD_SELECTION).getNodeInfo();

localNodeInfo.setMapping(remoteNodeInfo, true);