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Jan 04, 2018 at 01:17 PM

Prequery possibilities?

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Hi Experts,

i wanted to use prequery option for SAP BW.

Based on FI-GL Line items I find assignment numbers (0ALLOC_NMBR; with the case i want to use it for these are purchasing document numbers); this prequery works fine.

However when i 'attach' this prequery to a cube with purchasing schedule lines I am not able to get data from this. I created the variable as a replacement path variable with the first query.

  • RSRT tells me to enter the required variables for the prequery but does not allow me to enter values.
  • When i run it from good old Bex i can enter variables but hitting the OK button does not result into starting to do a select.
  • When i fix the variables of the prequery i get an error in RSRT;
    "Variable OI_EBELN cannot be replaced in this query".

    Maybe it is not possible to use the output from one characteristic (0ALLOC_NMBR) as a prequery filter on another characteristic (0OI_EBELN).

Anyone tried to do a thing like this?

Or hints how to achieve this?

I have thought about 'copying' the 0OI_EBELN characteristic to 0ALLOC_NMBR, but if that is the solution i will be at least disappointed :(.

Thanks in advance.