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Sales order creation issue

Jan 04 at 09:09 AM


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Whenever user creates a sales order system should check the selling price is less than the cost of the material system should give an warning message to the user.

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G Lakshmipathi
Jan 16 at 06:27 AM

If at all you have done the configuration changes as suggested above, please log out, relogin and create a new sale order. Definitely, system would give a warning message if not an error message which I am not sure, as I am not in front of SAP. Share the message number.

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G Lakshmipathi
Jan 04 at 09:19 AM

Have a look at this

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Dear Lakshmipathi sir,

As suggested by you i have done the same and i created a sales order with selling price is less than the cost price but i am able to save the sales order with out giving any message.


"Pics or didn't happen". Post the screenshots of the configuration and of the order.

Please also use "Comment on this answer" to reply to the existing answers. If you post this as another answer then (a) the other person is not notified; (b) it's misleading to others since this is not really an answer.


As already indicated, when you share some update, please add the same under Comment and not under Answer, as you were not answering but only providing additional informations as required by the member. Meanwhile, I have converted your above post from Answer to Comment.


Dear Lakshmipathi,

Please find the attached screenshots. page0001.jpgpage0002.jpg of sales order and pricing procedure.

page0001.jpg (550.3 kB)
page0002.jpg (244.5 kB)

Please use Image button instead of attachment to include the screenshots.

I believe you need to put routine 5 not in the cost condition but in the price condition (ZPRI in your case, I guess).

If there is still an issue then get together with an ABAPer and run the routine through debugger.