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Former Member
Apr 22, 2008 at 04:54 AM

logic needed in selection screen


hi experts,

in a selection screen i have one field S_budat ( it contains the range ) the user enters the date in it .the problum is we need to check the following condition .

if sy-datum> s_budat+13 months if it is ok we need get the values from the archive db else r/3 data .but in the mean while we have to check residency limit ( for ex: the data is archived till 22-03-2007. but in the selection screen the user entered the range 20-2-2006 to 24-5-2007 this falls in the both .so for this how to write the logic .till 22-03-2007 we have to take the data from the archive DB after thatwe have to take online data )

points will be reworded.