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Apr 22, 2008 at 04:09 AM

UDO Updating Problem ......


Hi Friends

I am using UDO's for My Custom Form (Form is Created By Screen Painter) UDO Services are Working Fine (ADD Find Delete Cancel....) . I am using four form s in my project in one form enter all the details and saved in two tables one is document and documnetline what are the details i have saved in tables retrive through Sql Queries and binded to matrix in another form for updating purpose. Single record(in documentline table only one entry ) is updated successfully but

Multiple Records(one header part contains more than one child records) in this case i am getting error

the Error is Another User modified tables


Single record means in sap we have purchase order form in this we can select one item for one vendor

Record is updated successfully.


Multiple Record means in sap we have purchase order Screen in this we can select more than one item for single vendor.

I am Getting Error Message

Another User Modified Tables