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How to clean the free list blocks on an offline dbspace?

Jan 04 at 06:41 AM


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Dear All,

Here's a problem on free list blocks cleaning --

1. Customer's IQ storage got issue and some bad blocks found on iqfile which can't be corrected.

2. Customer is using "flash copy LUN" to make IQ backups. So they decide to start IQ server on the backup site. the IQ can startup, but that dbspace is offline.

3. Customer wants to drop this ill dbspace, but failed as it always report -- some object on it -- even after customer force_drop all the tabes on this dbspace and run "dropleaks" against this dbspace.

4. sp_iqdbspace shows -- there are some blocks of "Global free list" left on this offline dbspace. Then we tried -- Start the IQ with -iqmpx_reclaimwriterfreelist -- but still fail to clean it. So we still can't free those blocks. -- and then -- we can't drop this ill dbspace on the new site.

Is there any ideas? Please kind help. Thanks in advance.



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2 Answers

Eisen Wang
Apr 07 at 08:06 AM

Hi, Kirby

Thanks. I tried -- but it doesn't work... And I found -- due to large size of table number on that dbspace (more than 100000 tables)... So the sp_iqemptyfile's performance is super slow -- nearly 100M per day...

And at last -- with help from Leina Tang -- we found if we create all the 2ndary nodes and sync them again and then reboot the coordinator node twice... Then all the free list were gone... :)

So next time, if anyone get this issue, you can try this work around. HTH



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Kirby Gehman
Apr 06 at 05:23 PM


I think the first step would be to attempt to run sp_iqemptyfile against the dbfile in question.

That should remove all of the SAP IQ administrative structures that are holding space.


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