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Jan 04, 2018 at 03:01 AM

How to launch Fiori application by index.html


Hi Experts,

I have to launch the fiori app as BSP Application by index.html cause some special reason,but I noticed that the latest WebIDE(Version: 170330) local version doesn't generate index.html by wizard any more, I want to new create index.html file, but the old version index.html (I copied from my previous project that is maybe about 2 years ago) doesn't work also, Could some experts help me out, thank you very much.

My new Component.js is"");sap.ui.getCore().loadLibrary("");"");"",     {
        metadata:{"manifest": "json"}});

So I want to know, How to code the index.html to launch this Component.js

thank you in advance.

best regards,