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Apr 21, 2008 at 06:36 PM

CRM_APO 203 urgent


Hi All ,

Following are the error messages i am gettng in in ATP check in CRM service order .

1) Material Availibility data cannot be after the delivery date (screen shot- attached ):-

This error is coming during the distribution of the service order to the OLTP system , the reason being the "Confirmed Quantity/Date" is after the " Requested Quantity/Date".

To avoid such error system should reset the "requested delivery date "to the current date at the time of entering the material in service order .

2). If we manually change the " Requested delivery date" to the current date , then the following error message is displayed .( Screen shot -2 )

Availability check/information: ATP error log (display via long text)

Message no. CRM_APO 203


Errors occurred during availability check or availability information

the ATP System.

If you use an SAP APO System or an SAP R/3 System for availability

check/information, the relevant system issues an error log to CRM

Online. The messages of the error log are listed below with the messag

ID (message class) and message number. If more detailed help is

available in the form of long texts, these long texts are listed right

under the short texts.

System Response

The ATP System cannot report any results of the availability

check/information until the errors have been fixed there.


You can obtain the meaning of the messages from the ATP System. If you

cannot fix the errors yourself, contact the responsible administrator of

the ATP System.

edure for System Administration

Follow the recommendations of the ATP System.

or Log ATP System:

Msg ID V1 Msg. no 302 With follow. descript:

SD document 7000032855 is not in the database or has been archived

> Following long text exists: <


This message is issued if no document header (VBAK) can be found

(discrepancies in R/3) for a sales requirement single record.

System response

In the initial sales order supply, the following error message appear

'Document xxxxxx not available' V1 302.


If an error occurs in initial data supply in APO, discrepancies have

occurred between the requirements and sales documents in R/3. This

discrepance can be corrected in R/3 using report SDRQCR21

Pls help me


Satish N