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Regarding Sybase DB Jconnect jar

Jan 04 at 02:38 AM


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We are using Sybase db in our application, So we would like to know if jconn4.jar is free or its a commercial api. Please let us know.

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Hi Annapoorani,

We disclose the following information.

2209202 - jConnect JDBC Driver of SQL Anywhere


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Chris Keating
Jan 04 at 03:27 PM

I believe that jConnect is "free to download" but you will need to license the server appropriately to use it. For example, SQL Anywhere licenses are core and named user based. If core, there would be no additional licensing costs for clients supplied by SQL Anywhere ( and perhaps jConnect). If you are named user, you will need a client license even if jConnect is not a licensed component.

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As you say it is free to download but need a licensed server, Where we can find the download link? Thank you in advance.

Annapoorani Ramasamy Jan 09 at 07:14 AM

Hi Chris,

Thank you for the response.

Where can we find license file for Jconn jar?

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You can see the license information by the following KBA.
1967360 - How to identify the numbers of CPUs and cores SQL Anywhere utilizes


We were able to download Jconnect jar specification version 7.0 for jdbc4.0 version from below link,

Where we can download jconnect jar specification version 16.0


I am not sure what you mean by license file for jConnect. SQL Anywhere does not deal with jConnect licensing just SQL Anywhere.

jConnect is included with the ASE SDK and can be downloaded via the SAP Downloads. Search for SDK FOR SAP ASE 16.0.