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Former Member
Apr 21, 2008 at 04:03 PM

SD Forum - Irregularities - Moderator to note this


This forum has become a kind of section where contributors are having different names and posting their questions and answers themselves. They are also rewarding points to themselves.

I am checking this forum for last 30 days and prepared a list as to how Individuals are rewarding points to themselves using different contributors name.

I prepared a list of names of this contributors and their "other names" and would forward this to forum moderator for appropriate action. Most of this members are rewarding themselves 100 or more points on daily basis. Check any member who has high points and you would yourselves understand this as to how they are operating. They are also rewarding points to themselves even if answer have no bearing to questions, which is complete absurd.

If you want to check yourselves, click the forum points link against the individuals name and you would be taken to individuals contribution points section and see who is rewarding the contributor.

This has to stop and these contributors have to be blacklisted.

Make this section a learning point.