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Apr 21, 2008 at 03:52 PM

JMS Receiver Adapter to MQ - additional message property error



I'm trying to add addional message properties to a Receiver JMS message for MQ Server queue. Creating the message in the MQ queue only works when I don't try to

add additional message properties. As soon as I try to add additional message properties the XI-Monitor says it's OK but there is no message in the queue.

Our system constellation is a bit odd cause we implemented the JMS/MQ classes of release 5.3 in XI/J2EE.

Our actual used MQ Server is on release 5.1 due to compatibilty reasons of other productive software.

Is there a need to use a MQ server of release 5.3 ?

Has anybody a step by step description for implementing a JMS receiver Adapter for MQ with with additional message property (f.ex. mesType = salesOrder) in the MQ header?

Thanx a lot in advance