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Jan 03, 2018 at 11:38 AM

Agentry: "update client key property" after posting object is crashing the client

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I'm enhancing Vehicle Stock for Work Manager 6.4. This add-on creates STO (Stock Transport Order) and during transmit, if creation is successful in the backend, it just deletes the created object from the client.

I want to keep the object in my client but update its ID with the value given by SAP and returned by the called BAPI. I modified the transaction StockTransportOrderHeaderPost, update step StockTransportOrderSteplet changing the "Response to client" from Delete object to "Update Client Key Property".

After doing that, the Agentry client crashes during synchronisation if I create a STO. I suspect it's because I need to populate the value of the STO ID returned by the BAPI somewhere in the Java.

But where and how should I do that? I see the StepHandler class is getting the STO ID from the backend, but then is only using it to write it in the logs. How should I manipulate this value to return it to the Agentry client object?


Marçal Oliveras