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Apr 21, 2008 at 11:29 AM

Check : PR to PO


Hi All,

My client has given me the following scenario to work on.

I have got a Release strategy in place for purchase requisition, say the PR gets blocked if the total value of the PR is more than 10,000 USD. A PR with one line item with a total value of 12000 USD is created and it gets blocked. Subsequently the PR is approved using the various release codes.

Now I create a PO using this PR. But while creating the PO I change the total value of the PO by doing one of the 3 things mentioned below...

1) By changing value of the item

2) By changing the quantity of the item (adding to it)

3) By adding new line item to the PO.

The client requirement is that nobody should be able to change any of the above while a PR (which was blocked by way of release strategy & subsequently approved) is being converted to a PO , in a way that the value of the PR changes while creating a PO.

Please let me know as to how to have a check while converting the PR, which was blocked, to a PO so that system does not allow me to change value of the item or qty of the item or allow me to add new line item to it?