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Jan 03, 2018 at 01:22 AM

SRM 7.0 Workflow notifications for Bids


I am working with SRM 7.0 Workflow and have utilized the standard approval templates for SC, PO, RFx and Contracts (WS40000014). The approval process is working fine and I'm getting my tasks to the correct people, etc. but once the documents are completely approved, I am only triggering emails for shopping carts and contracts. No approval/ rejection emails are being sent for RFx or PO. I have performed the configuration the same way for all document types (Define recipients in SPRO, check mark next to approve/ reject) but no emails are being triggered from the event that is being raised from my workflow (APPROVAL_RESULT_NOTIFIC_NEW/ APPROVAL_PROCESS_DOC_APPROVED). Any advice would be greatly appreciated!