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64bit does not work at all.

Jan 02 at 06:57 PM


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12.6 Build 4139 on Windows 10.

When compiled to 64bit, the app main window appears briefly and closes. Even a simple app that opens a window with no code in it closes. PB 2017 does not have this issue.

Is there a EBF available for 12.6 with a fix for this?

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I just created the PB Tutorial Application as 64 bit pcode and can run it successfully on Windows 10 Version 1607(OS Build 14393.1944). So I cannot explain why you might be running into problems. I will test with the specific build you are testing to see if I can reproduce this issue.

There is a later SP 12.6 SP00 PL14 (Build 4166) released in Oct/2017.

As you are already aware, SAP PB has no releases that are tested/supported on Windows 10. PB 2017 is the first release of the Appeon PowerBuilder product and it does support Windows 10.


I have also tried on the same build that you reported and it is working with a new application with a simple window.

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2 Answers

Patricia Steinhardt
Jan 04 at 04:31 PM


PB engineering is not testing on Windows 10and so no Windows 10 specific issues are being investigated.

I myself have Windows 10 and just again created a simple 64 bit exe with the latest EBF,build 4166 and it runs just fine for me.

I have heard from other customers though reporting similar behavior as you. They had multiple machines with Windows 10 and most worked fine and a few did not so it appeared to be environmental.


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Jan 09 at 02:35 PM

Hi Roland,

Did you try with PB 12.6 build 4166.

It did fix similar issue when MS office 365 was installed on the same machine.

Kind Regards.


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