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Hybris Cloud for Customer - Custom Odata

Jan 02 at 06:41 AM


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A custom odata service has been created to expose - create - update the sales order collection created on c4c , however there aren't any entities listed in the basic get query. The work center points to COD_SALESORDER_WCVIEW and items are added and function imports are maintained and query/action are set as guided by the development guide. What might be the missing link needed?

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Question in unclear. please elaborate. Get Query retrieves data and if you want entities then fire a metadata call - $metadata.


My issue was exposing the sales order records.The get query wasn't retrieving any data due to the fact that the sales order data is exposed through sales quote and not sales order for some reason. Now the sales order header and internal items are exposed, however the sales order customer party (ship-to/bill-to / payer/buyer) are not exposed for all sales orders using the sales order object id , there is no logical reason for the current behavior, do you have any remarks regarding the current status?


Sorry, but I am not aware of C4C product specific functionalities which is the case. While we wait fellow members, a generic way is to try implementing an extensions where you can build a navigation with business partner entity.


There is an existing association bound to the sales order and some sales orders do contain their customer party collection and here is the problem, data is found only when specific accounts are bound to the sales order as parties, what could be the missing business configuration ?


Sorry but I can't help with the missing configuration.

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