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Former Member
Apr 21, 2008 at 06:35 AM

File Adapter Source Directory


I have set up a File Adapter comms channel that should be picking up a file from the XI SAP system directory path F:\usr\sap\temp.

I place a file in that directory and can see it via SAP transx AL11.

However my comms channel is not picking up the file so my process does not start. I had previously been using a FTP File Adapter and that was working fine. So I know my other configuration is correct. I now needed to testing something use just the plain File Adapter.

The RunTime Cache has been refreshed and I can see my CC via SXI_CACHE.

Here is what I have entered into the File Sender Adapter

Transport Protocol : File

Message Protocol : File

Adapter Engine : Integration Server

Source directory : F:\usr\sap\temp

File Name : MYFILE.XML

Processing Options :


Poll Interval 60s

Processing Mode : Delete

Processing Seq : By Name

File Type : Binary

Adapter Status : ACTIVE