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Former Member
Apr 21, 2008 at 06:35 AM

plz give the ans


1)why we used tiff file in scripts?

2) if we have a quality client 300 in this client is it works scripts?

3) what is difference 4.6 c and 4.7 EE version?

4) give me some idea about ecc 6.0 version?

5) what is the purpose of code inspector?

6) in LSMW why we prefer session method?why we used direct method some times only?

7) how to debugs smart forms?

8) difference between split and concatenate?

9) in which situation we can create secondary index?

10) what r the different type of session?

11)how to handle the error in call traction with step loop?

12)what is conversion routine why we used?

13) can we generated 2 session in BDC ? how?