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Former Member
Apr 21, 2008 at 02:10 AM

Material Revision in Stock


Hello All,

I have following question about the Material Rev of Component in Stock. Can MRP distinguish the Material Stock based on Material Revisions.

For example if their is an assembly which uses the component (one in quantity). If the Component Stock is 100 already presents. The assembly needs component with 'Rev B' at time of manufacturing (planning to manufacture 100 assemblies). When MRP runs, how does MRP know out of these 100 components, which components are at which revisions. For example in this 100 (there might be mixture with rev A (80)and rev B (20) in the storage location, Rev A might not be completely exhausted) for the component. If this case basically MRP needs to generate a PO as it has shortage of 20 of rev B.

Basically can material stock be seen with Rev (example 80 of rev B and 20 of rev A), and how does MRP figure the same.

Thanks in advance.