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Apr 21, 2008 at 01:23 AM

Currency exchange rates - SRM or R/3


We're on SRM 4.0 Server5.0 wtih classic scenario.

If I have a SC in one currency and when it creates a PO in the backend in another currency, does SRM pass the exchange (conversion) rate to R/3 or does the rate in R/3 override whatever SRM is sending it?

The reason I ask is that our SRM system is going to be connected to two R/3 systems. One (system A) updates its exchange rates once/month and the other (system B) only does it once a year at the beginning of the fiscal year. Obviously, there's going to be differences in the rates between the two systems and I want to make sure we don't send backend system A the old rates and system B the updated rates as there can only be one conversion rate for one pair of currency codes depending on when I replicate the rates from which system.

So if the rates in R/3 override whatever SRM sends it, then I'm okay. But if it takes whatever SRM sends it, then I might have an issue as the rates won't match.

Does anyone know how is this handled in SRM? And also how IPC plays a role in this, if any at all?

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