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Jan 04, 2018 at 09:04 PM

SAP APO - External Procurement Relationship - Medium determination on partner tab



in the external procurement relationship in APO on the tab "partner" there is the partner data with the name, email and address nr. of the vendor with an assigned medium for the output of the scheduling agreement release.

Medium for Message Output

Determines the medium via which scheduling agreement releases (types of delivery schedule) are outputted (printed or transmitted) in message form (e.g. as faxes or EDI messages).

When I check the Scheduling Agreement in ECC (Trans. ME33L) I see the same Vendor address. So far so good :)

My question is: how is the medium here determined? where does it come from when we cif the scheduling agreement from ECC?

I checked in ECC in the trans. NACE what medium is defined for the purchasing org and the Vendor, but there is FAX and in the External Procurement Relationship as shown above is XML = IDOC. So it seems that the defined medium in NACE is not transferred to external proc. relationship...

PS. I checked the table /SAPAPO/TPSRC_PA which stores the field medium of the external proc. relationship. With an exception of 2 entries, I see XML = IDOC set for all the external proc. relationships in the entire company. The XML is also the default message type set in the customizing of the procurement scheduling agreement / define actions for issuing scheduling agreement releases...

thanks for any hints in advance!

Happy New Year to everyone!




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