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Apr 20, 2008 at 06:26 AM

bom - urgent.....


hi gurus,

i have an issue,

my client having interfacing sends fert material number.

wrt to that material number and requistion date,sap has to send as outputs to that software.

outputs are open planned order number(REM) and valid bom details(comp list,qty,valid from date and valid to date and change number)

for abap development program

i have to give field name and table name to my abap guy.

we can get planned order number in plaf table.

we can get bom master with alt bom no and bomusage from (mkal-production version).

note: plaf table contains production version number.

my problem.

ecn is maintained in bom.

bom changes should be with change number

i created bom

header-change number-valid from date - item - qty

fert - xxxxxxxxx1 -18/03/2008 - roh1 - 10qty

i change bom

header-change number-valid from date - item - qty

fert - xxxxxxxxx2 -21/04/2008 - roh2 - 5qty

and i deleted roh1 in that

now bom detail

header- item - qty - valid from date - valid to date - change number

fert - roh1 - 10qty - 18/03/2008 - 21/04/2008 - xxxxxxxxxx1

- roh2 - 5 qty - 21/04/2008 - 31/12/9999 - xxxxxxxxxx2

i already given all fields of bom except valid to date.i posted one thread regarding this.but i got reply datub(valid to date), which is not in table(stpo).

then from where i can pick this valid to date ???

any options .....

thanks in advance