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FBL5N(cleared items) doesn't match with S_ALR_87012177(Customer payment history)

Jan 04 at 05:26 PM


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Hello folks,

There is a requirement where reconciliation of FBL5N and S_ALR_87012177 is required.Is it possible to achieve the same?

We are selecting only cleared items in FBL5N and comparing it with report S_ALR_87012177.But there are few line items missing in the report S_ALR_87012177 and not exactly same as FBL5N. Is there a possibility? Are there any other prerequisites I need to check still?Hope my question is clear.

Thanks in advance,


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2 Answers

G Lakshmipathi
Jan 05 at 09:58 AM

If I am correct, transaction S_ALR_87012177 would display Payment History only for 16 posting periods and this could be the reason for the mismatch. This is also taking into consideration before creating the first sale order for that Sold To, in the master data, the "Payment History record" box is checked

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Hello Lakshmipathi,

Thanks for your response. But the transaction S_ALR_87012177 is able to display data beyond 16 periods.We went live in 2016.But even in that case there is a mismatch in the last 16 periods as well ,when we compare to FBL5N.The line items displayed in the transaction S_ALR_87012177 is lesser than that shown in FBL5N.

Could there be any other reason?




The table KNB4 would store upto 16 posting periods (as SAP have provided only 16 fields) and I believe the above transaction would also fetch from here.

Eli Klovski
Jan 10 at 12:56 PM


Make sure that carry-forward of balances for customers (F.07) is duly performed.



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