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Apr 19, 2008 at 03:43 PM

VT02N - Scales for condition types


Hello experts:

I'm trying to obtain the data ranges and values of multidimensional scales assigned to a particular type condition.

The functional design goes for tables like: VFKONX - VFSCAID - VFSCAR1, accessing with KNUMH.

In my opinion, the fact that we're trying to get that information from DB tables could be dangerous. What could happen if the data is changed just in that moment?

There has to be another easier way to get the scale information. A standard FM perhaps. I'd been looking through all the standard and FM modules like " SDscales " and found nothing.

The enhacement we're using is EXIT_SAPLV54B_004.

Does anyone know an esier solution for this issue?

Reward points awaits for helpful answers.

Thank you in advance.