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Misalignment of text in FTP output

Jan 04 at 12:58 PM


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Dear experts,

Here's an issue that I have been trying to fix - misalignment of text in FTP output.


The data in an internal table, looks like this:-

However, when this data is sent to the FTP server, the output looks like this in a plain text file:-

(Only "text line 4" above is misaligned compared to other rows)

The FM, FTP_R3_TO_SERVER is used for transmitting the data to the FTP server, with the parameter, CHARACTER_MODE = 'X'.

Any ideas on how I can solve this problem?

Any inputs will be much appreciated~


itab-example.png (16.7 kB)
example.png (19.6 kB)
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Former Member Jan 05 at 02:53 AM

Dear Tomas,

Thanks a lot for your input here, appreciate it.

I found nothing different / outstanding in the "HEX view", but when I checked the text in "HTML view", I found two additional characters which were not seen in the usual "Fast Display" view within the "the quick brown fox jumped over the lazy dog" text:-


I'll try to see if I can fix this....

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Former Member

The issue is fixed after removing the 'HTML' characters:- ​​

Tomas Buryanek Jan 04 at 02:35 PM

How did you get data from internal table to notepad in your first example?

Check the internal table data in debugger in HEX view and see if characters before "text line X" are same on all lines. I guess there will be difference - spaces / tabulators or something else.

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