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Apr 19, 2008 at 09:22 AM

STO Vs Sub Contracting


Hi Experts,

My Scenerio is as Below,

1)In the first case Company code 'A' bills for material XYZ to company code 'B'.

2)LAter after after a sale order at Company Code B for customised material,Company Code B sends the material to Co Code A for assembly of customised material.

3)Compny A receives the material XYZ and does the assembly with material 'DEF' and will send it back to Co Code

'B' as seperate line item

i.e XYZ and DEF.

Pl tell me as to how to MAP it in SAP keeping in MIND two basic requirement.

1)Tracking of material during the entire process

2)When the material XYZ is sent to Co code A back,it should not be valuated only Quantity should be updated.

3)The material No is same in Both the plants.

Thanx in Advance


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