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Apr 19, 2008 at 06:03 AM

Assessment Cycle in Profit Center



Need urgent help.

I'm running an Assessment Cycle for Profit Center but every time system does not select any sender or receiver.

Error message:

Cycle 8ATEST1, start date 20070401, does not include any senders.

Message no. GA749


No senders were found for cycle 8ATEST1, starting date 20070401.

System Response

It is no longer possible to create receivers and assign senders for the segment.


Check the definition of the cycle in the maintenance transaction for EC-PCA: Actual Assessment. No valid sender cost centers could be found to match your selection.

If you use the sender rules "Posted amounts" or "Posted quantities", check whether records exist in the database for the criteria you entered (cost element, version...)

During indirect activity allocation with the sender rule "posted quantities", you should also note that only the difference between the planned/posted activity allocation and the scheduled activity quantity is allocated. If you entered activity types as sender, you should at this point also check the activity type category. For those quantities posted with an activity type of category 1 (manual entry, manual allocation) no indirect activity allocation is possible.

1. If this is an allocation in the FI/FI-SL area, the problem could also be due to the inheritance logic for FI-SL totals tables, whose "Inheritance of sender based on the receiver" indicator is activated in the "Partner object update" view (T811U-INHERSRC). These are tables that were installed before Release 4.6A.

Use transaction GCA8 to check this, and see the section on:

Inheritance Logic for Allocations

then correct the affected cycle, if required.

Pls help urgently.


Vikas Malhotra