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Apr 19, 2008 at 12:00 AM

Issue with AFAB (Depreciation Posting)


We have recently gone live with AA.

When I try to run depreciation AFAB, SAP gives me the error "

You can only post in new year after closing the previous year.

Message no. AA687


You want to post in a new fiscal year. However, a posting must have been made in the last period in the previous fiscal year before you can do this.


Post to the last period in the previous year first.


I have already closed the fiscal year 2007 per OAAQ. All depreciation areas in OAAR are showing as 2007 as well.

I have then opened new year 2008 via AJRW

What else am I supposed to do? I am lost..



oh by the i supposed to change OAYC as well? I understand that is for only when you go live within a year...

that values shows last posted period as 10/2007 instead of 12/2007