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rounding and scales discount in group condition in sap sd

Jan 04 at 04:05 AM


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First issue:

First the condition type has to be a group condition as a group of materials when the total quantity is 14 numbers the discount is zero.when 15 numbers in a sales order the discount is 20 Rs on overall document.when it is 16 numbers the discount should be 40. and when 17 numbers in quantity the discount to be 60 numbers and so on.

Second issue:

I Have to round off the value of the condition Type.The condition type is a group condition.

The routine 17 and rounding up configuration is not working as it is rounding to higher number.Here i want a commercial roundoff.and what is the routine that i use.

Ex--condition value is 2.45the round off to 2 and if condition value is 2,50 round off to 3.00.

as this is a group condition dow do i configure


Rajesh Naidu.I

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3 Answers

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Rajesh Naidu.I Jan 11 at 03:57 AM


The condition Type configuration

The condition Record is maintained as

The discount would be distributed value wise in item level.At the header level it would be a whole number .

Upto 10 zero discount thereafter the discount will trigger based on the material pricing group of the M.Master(maintained in Sales Org-2 Tab) and the cummulative quantity in the sales document.

The requirement is achieved


Rajesh naidu I

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Hi Rajesh,

Thanks a lot for sharing!

I did a test and its working fine.



Siva Prasad Vasireddy Jan 04 at 05:00 AM


did you check the rounding rule option in the condition type

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G Lakshmipathi
Jan 05 at 08:32 AM
First issue:

Is this a requirement or an issue? If this is a requirement, then would like to know the steps you have taken to achieve this requirement. If it is an issue, please elaborate more where exactly you have the challenge.

For the second part, have a look at OSS note 403254 which explains how rounding rule works

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It is a requirement sir.

1)I have chosen a group condition with Group condition routine 3

2)I maintained the scales upto 14 zero

3)from 15 I have maintained 20/15 as the discount value .,i.e.,1.33

4) due to this the values would be in decimals hence asked about the rounding issue

I have tried rounding rule it is not working

Thanking you

Rajesh Naidu


Hi all,


1.Used a group condition

2. calculation type-Fixed value .maintained condition record accordingly

3.Group routine-3 and :Rounding Diff Comp--X


Rajesh Naidu


Can you further explain as to how you have addressed your first requirement with the above configuration, preferably with screen shots? Also, please do so under Comment and not under Answer.