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Jan 03, 2018 at 07:52 PM

order and resource reporting in PPDS


Hi Gurus,

We have a recipe defined two levels.

1. for Production

2. For transfer

just like as given below .When i look in the report /SAPAPO/CDPS_REPT - Order and Resource Reporting for order list report and Operation list report i don't see total production time as combination of 0010 operation till last phase 0080 instead its shows only one sub operation equal to 0050. Please let me know how to solve this issue.

0010 room1 XYZ Production

0020 0010 room1 setup

0030 0010 room1 Production

0040 0010 room1 cleanup

0050 room2 transfer

0060 0050 room2 transfer setup

0070 0050 room2 transfer production

0080 0050 room2 transfer cleanup

Thanks a lot in advance.