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Configuring MDG Business Partner HANA based Search

Jan 03 at 07:18 PM


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Hi Guys,

I'm Trying to activate the MDG HANA Business partner search(CL_MDG_HDB_SEARCH) on MDG 9.0 system which is on HANA database.

When Trying to generate the Search views , Getting error message

"Unexpected error while activating search view MDG_BS_SUP_SUPPLIER_Reuse"

MDG is on HANA Database only. Hope there's no database connection needed and in Landscape profile no entries i have given.

When i create DB connection and adding that to the Landscape profile settings, the error message in generating search view is different. .

"Some required tables not available in SAP HANA; configure replication"

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error.jpg (38.9 kB)
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Muthu R Jan 19 at 03:24 PM

Thanks Loga / Senthil and Naga.

this has been resolved.

All due to authorization errors in HANA studio.




These previleges needs to be given to the HANA user id.

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Nagavenkata Ramesh Gubba
Jan 05 at 04:26 AM

HI ,

Is your system on S/4 HANA ? If yes, then this should work automatically no special connections are required .

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Yes. That is correct Naga.

DBCO is not required. The error is beacuse of Authorizations inside SAP HANA Studio on Views.

senthil kumar Jan 08 at 11:41 AM


Please go through the below documentation and check if all the settings are in place.



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Muthu R Jan 15 at 12:26 AM

Hi Senthil,

I followed the same guide. It's still not successfull.

@ Venkat

Yes. As it is on HANA DB there's no DBCO required. This problem is solved. The problem is because of the authorizations in HANA studio. Those have been identified and given and am able to generate the search views.

But , Even after configuring and generating the search views , the attributes and entities what ever i select is not appearing the search criterias. Only Name1 AND Name2 is appearing.

Any Pointers on this please.


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senthil kumar Jan 16 at 11:23 AM

Hello Muthu,

The fields are not directly displayed in the Search attributes. You will have to enhance the Search UIBB and add the fields which you have added in the Search view, manually. Please find the screenshot on how to identify the correct UIBB that you are using.



bp-search-uibb.png (83.1 kB)
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There are no custom attributes to be added. So no config require i believe.

Just the standard Business search templates what SAP gave is that i'm trying to generate. After generating the view the fields should appear in the search criteria. that should be the functionality of the search view which is not working for me..


Yes, but the fields will not come even if you have standard attributes as the field catalog is not dynamic. So, please try this approach.

Loga Nathan Duraisamy Jan 19 at 01:55 PM

Hi Muthu,

I never faced the issue but you need to check with Basis about the proper replication to HDB using SLT .

Before to that you need to identify what function is missing, Debug the class

CL_MDG_HDB_VIEW_GENERATOR method REPLICATE_TABLES_TO_HDB. Based on your understanding check if you can implement this note 2503673.

Thanks and Regards,


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