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Apr 18, 2008 at 05:07 PM

Problem in sending the text file as an attachment ...


Hi all,

I have a problem while sending a text file as an attachment. That file should be downloaded to PC and will be opened in text format.

File is attached and downloaded properly. The file is proper even if we open in notepad, but the client says when he opens the file in his legacy system he can see '##' charecters at the begining of each line and an empty line at the last line of the file. The whole data is correct except the above 2 issues, because of which the client has rejected the file.

The problem is each line in the text file should be 300 chars, and the line should not split, the next line should not be concatenated with the first line for this i have used the attribute cr_lf from class cl_abap_char_utilities.

Can anyone help me in deleting the 2 #'s and the empty line at the last of the file.

I have used the FM SO_DOCUMENT_SEND_API1 to send the internal table as an text file attachment to the client.

We tried a lot to solve it. But no luck.

Please try to solve this. Thanks in advance