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Server Timeout Issue

Before I begin my question, I want to make it abundantly clear that I don't have access to the BO server in my environment, and my knowledge of Business Objects is limited. I'm just a loley IT guy trying to help users and the only reason I've come here is because the analyst in charge of BO for my agency will not contact SAP support for this issue.

Environment info:


side-by-side install of BI Client tools 4.1 SP6

Oracle 11e

Windows 7 client side


I have a user who is able to run reports in SQL Developer without any issues, but if she runs the same reports in Webi or Deski, the server times out on her and the report just keeps running forever until she force closes the program in Task manager.

This user was able to run a query for the whole year of 2016 in 11-12 minutes, but when she changed the date for 2017, the connection to the server times out and the report just keeps spinning in both webi and deski until she finally results to putting the sql code into sql developer and running the report that way.

There is a domain trust with my agency and the company that hosts the BO server, oracle db, etc. The network is wide open on our end so firewalls shouldn't be a problem. Yet the analyst who has access to the server is persistent in saying the issue is on our end of the network. Is there something I am missing on my end?

If not, can I set up a task that pings the server every 5 minutes to keep the connection open on the user's computer as a work around? Is there something I can suggest to the analyst to check? I'm at a loss on this and could use any help I could get. If needed I can upload the logs from the client computer.

Thanks in advance for any help.

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    Jan 03, 2018 at 04:13 PM

    To be blunt - if you do not have access to BO server, you're not going to be able to solve this.
    The BO Analyst is the person that supposed to investigate and troubleshoot this. If he is unable - involve the SAP Support. (BI-RA-WBI component)
    This could be an issue with network or DB access, but it depends on exact architecture of the Bo server and how exactly and where exactly the user runs the reports.
    Here is an example :
    If user runs report in Webi rich client or Deski client in 2 tier mode - the client will try to access reporting DB's directly, without involving BO server (unless data access uses SSO)
    So if this fails - its the DB access from user laptop to reporting DB that is the issue.
    If user runs reports in Webi Rich client or Deski in 3-tier mode or inside Infoview - then report/data processing retrieving is done on BO server.
    In this case all users should have same issue and the problem is with DB connection from BO server to the DB.
    Look at product tutorials here :
    They are for BI 4.x, but most workflows apply to Xi3.x as well. It should tell you where to look at possible root cause.

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    • yes and no. technically in 3-tier mode, the users are accessing BO server via HTTP connector.
      So, yes - if they are able to login - the stuff should work. Or when they connect to web interface - infoview.
      But there are possible firewall/proxy issues that would affect report running in this mode. Timeouts, session jumping from one webapp server to another is session affinity is not set etc...
      The good test is to use same client/same mode inside network and outside - it should show where the issue is.
      Don't just trust user words on this tho - verify it.