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Runtime behavior in BADI implementation not called

Jan 03 at 12:02 PM


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I am new to BADI and was practising it in my system. I wanted to disable the hold button in ME21N

On activating my code and the BADI implementation, I can see that the runtime behaviour says that implementation will not be called.

AS a result, the hold button is still visible in ME21N. What can I do to rectify this issue ?



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SAPEKSH GUPTA Jan 03 at 01:16 PM

Hi Manish,

ME_HOLD_PO is a 'Single Use' BAdI. Therefore, if you already have any existing active implementation of this BADI, your implementation will not be called.

Please check if there is any existing implementation. If found, deactivate it and try activating yours.

Hope this helps. Please do let me know your feedback.

Thanks & Regards,


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Are you sure ?

Because I see the checkbox "Multiple Use" for ME_HOLD_PO.



For info, "single use" in my system too (checkbox "Utilis. multiple"):

1fkmj.png (15.2 kB)

I am surprised to know that 'Multiple Use' checkbox is ticked in your system. In my system, its not.

But I did notice that this is simply editable. Looks like someone played around with the checkbox in your system and I believe this is the reason as even if you change the checkbox, you get a message that changes are incompatible for this BADI or something like that.

Please retry with only one active implementation.




Hi Sapeksh,

Thanks for the reply. You were right. Now its working. But just 1 question, how do I check if a particular BADI has existing implementations or not ?


Hi Manish,

In the SE18 screen you shared above, go to Menu option 'Implementation' >> choose 'Display'. This will pop-up all existing implementations of the BAdI, like this:

Hope this helps.



untitled.png (19.4 kB)