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Apr 18, 2008 at 08:43 AM

Add Selection Fields in RSA3


Hi All

0FI_GL_4 is a Business Content datasource and when running test extractor RSA3 the only selection fields are BUKRS (Co Code) and FISCPER (Fiscal Period).

In RSA6, edit 0fi_gl_4 for field BUDAT - Selection, Inversion and Field Only are greyed out, the only editable box is Hide Field.

Is it possible to add BUDAT to the selections in RSA3 by changing the field attribute Selection to X (Selection adjustable, Visibility Set) for the BUDAT field?

If yes, what Table or transaction can I use to amend the BUDAT field to change the field attribute Selection setting to X?

OR is it not possible to change it because it's Business Content or SAP Hidden?

A straight answer would be appreciated, as I'm frustrated trying to find out!

Thanks in advance, Helen