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Apr 18, 2008 at 07:14 AM

regarding the design


Hi gurus,

I am very new to ABAP,Here i have a project scenario where i want to create a transaction system in R/3 using ABAP,and feed DATA .. i dont know how to do this and i know it is not possible to give the code and everything to this but i want to know the overall idea to do this in step by step here is the project scenario

The project is all about designing a security information system for a company...which has to fullfill the following

1.To track the time of an employee enters and leaves the organisation.the granularity in this should be upto various departments.

2.And the employee can bring any number of visitors to the company..and we should be able to track the visitor information also..(ie the name ,address and other details)

3.the approval for the visitor is given by the immediate manager of the employee...and we should be able to find the peak time of the visitor visit the day,month on which the visitor flow is more in the company.

i want to feed all this information in r/3

Ie empid,emp name,manager id,department id,department name,time in,time out and date for the employee

and also

visitor id,visitor name ,visitor address, time in ,timeout and date for that visitor and also the employee through whom he came into the office...

I want to know how these can be done in ABAP..

Please let me know asap and i will assign the maximum points fir the usefull answer.