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Apr 18, 2008 at 06:27 AM

Using Standard Container Variables in Email Alerts from BPM


Dear All

While creating alert categories from ALRTCATDEF we have a Long Text Tab where we can use Container Variables like SXMS_MSG_GUID ,SXMS_RULE_NAME, SXMS_ERROR_CAT , SXMS_ERROR_CODE etc create the mail contents. We can also display the message passed by the BPM by using the variable


In my case when I call the alert category from the BPM , the message passed by the BPM is displayed through the ALERTDYNAMIC_LONGTEXT in the alert inbox , but I am not able to utilize the other container variables (like SXMS_MSG_GUID ,SXMS_RULE_NAME, SXMS_ERROR_CAT ) for displaying the messageid ,error category etc. Using these variables for alerts invoked from BPM results in Blank Values for all the container variables.

If the alert is not invoked from BPM these variables are getting populated.

My question is is there a way by which we can utilize these variables for Alerts thrown from BPM.


Nilesh .