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Former Member
Apr 18, 2008 at 05:57 AM

SD pricing


1. Is it common practice to delete the condition records? What if these condition records are used in existing sales ores or billing documents?

2. What are the different modes of deleting condition records for a condition type? (Is it VK12 only?)

3. I have a scenario -

Sales order has a pricing procedure with condition type say ‘ABC’, Now access has not been made to this condition type ,when I see through the analysis button in sales order .This condition type is not available in the condition tab . Now in the subsequent billing document this condition type is present at the ‘conditions’ tab and access has been made. Later on follow on correction billing document is created (IS-OIL specific) here this condition type

is Red and I get error VF073 . I fee this is due to changing condition records ….

Can you help in above queries? Thanks for your time.