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Apr 18, 2008 at 02:16 AM

Process of Inventory count blocks one other plant



If i understand correct, you can create PI documents at Plant(1) /Storage location ( S.Loc Say A) .level.

Until the Physical Inventory Count documents are posted, SAP will not allow any kind of movement of that material say X at that Plant(1) /Storage location level (S.loc A).

For the same Plant (1) ,if there are more than one storage location say B,C or D, the Physical Inventory count process would not affect the movement ,GR, GI of Material X in S.loc B, C or D. (Right ?)

Situation (1) :What is happening is, when PI documents are created for Plant (1), S.Loc (A) , Material (X) and the count is in process, the system is not allowing the GI, GR , movement of Material (X) containted in Storage location B, C or D. Message is Material is blocked by User (who has generated the PI document.)

Situation(2): Material (X) in different Plant (2) under the same company code are also denied any movement while the Count is in process in Plant (1).

I was wondering if anyone has come across this kind of scenario and the solution for the same.

All assistance is much appreciated.