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Apr 18, 2008 at 12:33 AM

How do you stop BSPs on WebSEAL for asking for user-credentials?



We are currently having an issue with BSP Pages. When we test the BSP pages on the R/3 system they work OK. When we test them directly on the Portal then they too also work. The problem is that they are not working properly on our Intranet.

The intranet that we use is an IBM Tivoli product (also known as WebSEAL). We currently have WebSEAL SSO to our SAP Portal. This is working OK. When we use WebSEAL to access the portal we are prompted to enter our user-id and password so that the BSP page can be displayed. This should not be happening and it defeats the purpose of SSO. I have attached a screen shot document to demonstate this.

Some time ago we had a similar issue where the transactions on the portal (when executed from WebSEAL) were giving us a Webdynpro time-out error. I later determined that the cookie information was not being passed to WebSEAL. To fix this, I went to the Visual Administrator and went to server >> services >> web container and for the web container "" I went to the cookie configuration to add a session cookie. By doing this I fixed my previous problem.

Coming back to my problem, I had a junction created in WebSEAL to point to the bsp directory (sap/bc/sap/bsp/*) on the host concerned. I had both a SSL and TCP junction created both resulted in error messages - stating that the client (SAP) is asking for user credentials.

Hoping that I have provided enough information above my question is as follows:

(1) How can I get the BSP messages to work on WebSEAL such that it will not ask for user credentials to be entered? Would this involve making a further change to a Web Container? If so - which container also needs a session cookie to be generated?


Kind Regards

Rajdeep Kumar