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Apr 18, 2008 at 12:16 AM

SOAP Adapter - HTTPS w/ client authentication -SSL termination @ dispatcher



We have a SOAP client sending SOAP message over SSL to PI. We are using client cert for authentication, but terminating SSL at web dispatcher. In this scenario, i) do we need to configure security for XISOAPADAPTER in Visual admin on PI and ii) do we need to set HTTPS with client authentication security option in SOAp Sender communication channel?

My understanding is that since we are terminatinating SSL at web dispatcher (Server authentication happens between third-party gateway and our gateway and when web dispatcher terminates SSL, client cert for auth is passed via httpheader to PI where it is mapped to UME user with sufficient authorizations) we don't need to set the XISOAPADAPTER security (if it is end-to-end ssl we would i guess set up in V. Admin >Security provider service >clientcertloginmodule for XISOAPADAPTER) and we don't need to set the sender channel as https with client authentication ( it should just be http in SOAP sender channel).

Is my understanding correct? I will really appreciate any clues?