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Apr 17, 2008 at 09:53 PM

4.6C OSDB Migration to MaxDB


We are considering moving our 4.6C system to Windows/MaxDB - so as to make our future upgrade to ECC 6 easier 😊

Currently our SAP_BASIS package level is 35, but note 382312 says that level 43 is required for MaxDB 7.6.

Question: Will SAP support a migration where we migrate FIRST, THEN apply support packages (immediately after migration) on the target system to get to 43? or MUST we apply the support packages to the source system first?

Our test migrations on level 35 work successfully, except that DB50 short dumps doing certain tasks (before support packages are applied), so it seems reasonable that we can migrate FIRST. But obviously, we don't want to do anything that SAP prohibits.

Appreciate any responses

Than Martens 😊