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SAP HANA client: Connection to SAP HANA via JDBC

Dec 29, 2017 at 07:33 PM


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we try to create a connection to our HANA system via JDBC.

Do we need a db user for this connection or should a restricted user be good enough at this point?

Couldn't find some hints within the docu.


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The documentation explains what restricted users are for. It's just not in the bit of documentation you looked at. I suggest checking the part where user concepts are discussed.

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Frank Schuler
Dec 30, 2017 at 09:16 AM

Hello Dirk,

You need a database user for a SAP HANA JDBC connection. Please check:

Connect to SAP HANA via JDBC

Best regards


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Hi Frank,

thanks for helping us!

This is the same link, which I posted already.

In our case we want only write from a different system to target tables within hana. The user should only keep the connection. In my opinion, I would think that there is no necessary to use a db user.

I think I will at first check for a requested user and switch to a db user if its required.

And of course I was checking the differences between the db user and the restricted user at first, but hoped to get more response from someone who is used to do it already.

Thanks a lot!


Sorry, Dirk,

I misuderstood your question at first. Of course, a restricted user would do for an ODBC or JDBC connection.

In fact, I regularly utilze restricted users for connection tests to my SAP HANA, express editions:

Connect to SAP HANA, express edition using JDBC

Especially in containerized environments where port assignments can be tricky:

Installing SAP HANA, express edition with Docker

Best regards



Hi Frank,

really thank you very much for this helpful information and interesting links!