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Apr 17, 2008 at 05:48 PM

How to append an itab into xth_data


Hi All,

I am implementing an exit function in BPS for copy function. I have all the copied data correctly in an internal table itab. Now at the end of the program I want to insert/append all the records to xth_data. I don't want to loop over itab and then append it to xth_data because it is taking a lot of time. This is happening because of large number of data in the itab.

Using loop theoretically it is possible,

loop at itab into wa.

collect wa into xth_data.


This is working fine but taking too much time (30min around) for just this loop. The structure of wa is or itab is same as xth_data.

Please note that I can not use,

append lines of itab to xth_data because xth_data is of type hashed table in Exit Functions.

Please suggest me some alternative statement where I don't need to loop over entire itab and still able to append the records to xth_data.

Thanks in advance,