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Apr 17, 2008 at 05:30 PM

MRP Procurement proposal



I am facing two issues in MRP Net requirement calculation and scheduling.

Below given are the details of the situation.

Master data:

Material: X

Opening stock: 5000kg

Safety stock: 2500kg

Planning time fence: 42days

MRP TYPE: P3 (Firming type 3)

Lot size procedure: Monthly lot size

Minimum lot size: 6000kg

Procurement type: E (in house production)


1. MRP is generating a procurement proposal (Planned order) and moving it to the last of planning time fence, even though there are existing receipt elements (planned orders and production orders) to cover the requirement during that period.

Ideally the new procurement proposal is not required in that period

2. Within planning time fence the quantity of the procurement proposals(planned order in this case) are calculated based on Monthly lot sizing procedure(sums up the requirement of one month) and after planning time fence, quantity of procurement proposals is calculated based on minimum lot size defined in material master (6000kg)

Please provide the explaination/solution for the issues mention above.

Thanks in advance