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Error while triggering XML

Jan 04 at 03:24 PM


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I am triggering an XML from a Z-program , I am facing exception CX_ST_SWITCH_NO_CASE and the XML is not triggering.

When I debugged to find out the issue , In call transformation there is <tt>:switch tag used when I give F5 in that specific line the exception occurs. The call transformation is standard. I am just triggering the XML via class object.

Request your help in resolving the issue.

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Please post the relevant code of your simple transformation, and the code about "triggering the XML via class object" (means nothing to me). Otherwise, impossible to tell you what is wrong in the <tt:switch> ..tag, nor in the way you trigger the transformation (why does it concern your issue by the way?)

For information, the usage of tt:switch is explained here : ST - tt:switch, Case Distinction

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1 Answer

Raymond Giuseppi
Jan 04 at 03:59 PM

Theorically, you must either adjust the application program that transfers a value that is not allowed, or you must adjust the transformation. So don't pass 'F5'?

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