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Apr 17, 2008 at 03:07 PM



Hy guys,

I have run the transaction SM13 and I have found that the space of the table ACCTIT was not enough and so I have several transactions(MIRO,MIGO,CO27,ML81N....)have been interrupted.After I have enlarge the space on that table I would have wanted that the interrupted transactions will complete their work >I have seen that on toolbar menu in SM13 there is the 'Update records' ->'All records' or 'Single' but when I select one record and for example I run 'update record single' I believed that the transaction interrupted should have been completed but the program doesn't work because themessage says 'the status is not INIT' ?What it means?How can I carry that transactions interrupted to end?....The modul type in error is only V2...

Thanks in advance,I promise 10 points for a resolutive help.