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Apr 17, 2008 at 02:56 PM

Rooms in multi-LDAP environment



My portal is plugged with 2 LDAPs directories.

So to use rooms application from EP7.0, i've updated my XML file in the following way:

*readonly set to false at the LDAP level

*add of the parameter <ume.ldap.access.creation_path.grup> in each LDAP to define where the groups related to rooms will be created.

With a user from LDAP1 with collaboration admin role, i can create a room.

Even if the LDAP1 and LDAP2 are 2 domains trusted domain from Active Directory, i can understand that i cannot add a user from LDAP2 in my room cause for the portal there is no trust between LDAP1 and LDAP2.

With a user from LDAP2 with collaboration role, i can NOT create a room. When i try, the process fails in trying to update any group in LDAP1. Is it normal.

More generally, have you some information for implementing rooms in multi domains environment?

Thanks in advance